Brexit and the NHS

The Vote Leave campaign believe that the UK will save money if it leaves the EU.  They say that they would spend the money saved on the NHS!

Sarah Wollaston, a GP and the Tory health committee chairwoman, has announced she will now vote for Britain to stay in the EU because Vote Leave’s claim that leaving will free up £350million a week for the NHS ‘simply isn’t true’.

Would you trust statements about the NHS coming from the Vote Leave campaign if you knew that at least six of the campaign’s committee members are in favour of privatising the NHS?

Michael Gove (co-convener Vote Leave) has called for the dismantling of the NHS.

Matthew Elliott (chief executive Vote Leave) – is the founder of the Taxpayers Alliance which has long argued for the break-up of the NHS and private competition in healthcare.

Dominic Raab (campaign committee member Vote Leave) has advocated privatising the NHS.

Steve Baker (campaign committee member Vote Leave) – in 2013 praised healthcare provision for the working classes in Britain before the NHS.

Douglas Carswell (campaign committee member Vote Leave) has called for the “denationalising” and privatisation of healthcare provision in Britain.

Dan Hannan (campaign committee member Vote Leave) has called for the dismantling of the NHS, calling it a “relic”.