What a plonker I am – not #NFU but #NHS. Well done the Goviers, and of course a massive thank you to all the NHS staff who are working so hard under very difficult circumstances!! A lesson on the dangers of jumping to conclusions based on incomplete information.


If this story is true (http://dailym.ai/39r72p8), it’s an absolute disgrace and the officer should be disciplined. He’s a sergeant for heaven’s sake!! Obviously born without any common sense whatsoever.

The other examples are pretty dire as well. No evidence of the officers obeying the two meter separation rule. Maybe they’re like Rees-Mogg and only understand imperial measures! For those who need clarification two meters is about six and a half feet. 


 Hardly the most appropriate competition to be running at this time – spotted this afternoon  in Sainsbury’s, South Molton!

It’s a shame they can’t change the promotion so that for the sale of each of those items Sainsburys and/or Cadbury were to donate 5p to the Bahamas Disaster Relief Fund.


E-mail to my MP

This is the text of an email I sent to my MP earlier today:

Dear Mr Heaton-Jones,

What the Prime Minister is doing in proroguing parliament is absolutely outrageous and an affront to democracy.

This is a very sad day for the United Kingdom when parliament is being subjugated by one person and his (unelected) advisers.

Any pride I had in my country has been swallowed by shame that the system allowed such an egregious liar to become Prime Minister.

The Conservative Party is making a mockery of democracy and you can be assured that it will never again receive a vote from me.

Yours sincerely,

Marc Cornelius

The Truly Independent Councillor

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