Boris the Buffoon

At the end of March Boris Johnson gave oral evidence to the Treasury Committee on “The economic and financial costs and benefits of UK membership of the EU”.

Towards the end of the two hour session the Chair of the committee said to him:  “You are in danger of getting back to delivering us grains of truth with mountains of nonsense again, I am afraid.”

One of the ‘facts’ that Boris came up with was that the EU had banned children under the age of eight from blowing up balloons. This is arrant nonsense – they merely recommended that balloons should be used under adult supervision. Surely this is a sensible measure?

Another piece of nonsense was the fact that the EU have said what size coffins should be. They have – but only for cross border transport, and then only because it’s apparently something that European undertakers wanted.  It makes life much easier for them.

If that’s the best he can do I dread him ever becoming prime minister.