The Tivvy

The Tivvy as it is now

Just over a year ago NDDC gave planning approval to convert The Tiverton Inn (affectionately known as the Tivvy) into office accommodation, with the outbuildings at the back being converted into three dwellings.

Whilst not itself listed, the Tivvy is in the South Molton conservation area  and any works need to be done ins a specified manner. Whilst the new roof and rendering look very good, as do the new windows, the old big doorway (circled in photo) which would originally have led to the rear has turned into an absolute disaster which completely spoils the look of the building.

The large expanse of glass looks absolutely horrendous and is totally out of keeping with the rest of the building. It should not have been shortened so that the bottom aligns with the window on the left and such a large expanse of glass should not have been used. By doing this the developer has contravened the conditions attached to the planning approval.

In addition, the parking area at the rear of the building was supposed to have been lowered to prevent the bedrooms in the adjacent houses in Touts Court being overlooked. This has not been done.

I really do feel that the NDDC planning department should take somewhat more care to ensure that planning conditions are adhered to.