Shoddy Pavement Work

You may remember that the Highways Department re-laid the pavement outside the George Hotel round about the time of the August Bank holiday. (See posts here, here, here, and here.)

This work, from the George Hotel to the Museum, cost just under £3,500. The rationale for doing it was “The footways were at safety defect level in that pedestrians were tripping on the uneven surface. Also water was splashing up under the loose slabs.”

Well, surprise, surprise, several of the re-laid paving slabs are already loose with water splashing up under the loose slabs!

I’ve written to Mr  Whitton, Devon County Council’s Head of Highways, Capital Development & Waste. I await his response with interest.

You may think that I’m being extremely petty, but I get very irritated when work is done without any good reason. I get more irritated when the work hasn’t been done properly and doesn’t solve the initial problem.