The Blame Culture

Devon County Council have asked for the name of town councillors who would be willing to act as snow wardens – whatever they are.

Apparently people are unwilling to clear the snow off the pavements because they’re afraid of being sued . What absolute baloney!

You’re only likely to be sued if you’ve been negligent or have done something wilful which would be likely to cause injury. Of course I am not a lawyer, but my feeling is that failing to clear the snow/ice from the pavement in front of your premises is negligent. Clearing it is the sensible and public spirited thing to do.

Now matter what Nigel Farage might think, this is an area in which large parts of Europe are far more civilised than the UK.

For example, in Germany it’s a legal requirement for home owners/shop keepers etc. to clear snow and leaves from the pavement in front of their premises.