Nadder Lane Development

Not a great deal of debate about this planning application although it had been discussed at the previous SMTC meeting at the end of October. Councillors had also a meeting with the District Council’s Lead Planning Officer.  (I’ve made various objections to the application which can be seen here.)

Unfortunately I couldn’t be at that October SMTC meeting, and its minutes haven’t yet been published, so I don’t know what was decided then.  But as far as I can tell the developer has agreed to put up four bungalows, change the layout of one road a bit, and put in a layby somewhere.  Not exactly a victory for local residents, but better than nothing.

The saving grace is that the developers will have to make a substantial contribution to  the development of new primary school facilities in South Molton, and, hopefully, they will have to make a contribution to improve the bus service between the town and Barnstaple.

We shall see.