Western Power

I rang Western Power on Saturday morning because the power went out.

I have to say that their call centre (on 0800 6783195) were very helpful indeed and luckily their estimated time to restore power was wrong – it was only off for 13 minutes rather than the estimated three hours.  The supervisor gave me a call back to say what was happening and I also received a text message on my landline.

I asked for a written response to explain why we constantly get short duration outages and was amazed to receive a this morning.

Well done Western Power for such good customer service.  Let’s just hope you can put your line plant underground.  This should stop these mini-outages and  improve the streetscapes of South Molton immeasurably.

People may say that these mini-outages – often less than ten seconds – aren’t a big issue, but if you use computers,  or many other forms of electronic equipment, they’re a very big issue. They’re the reason I spent a fair amount of money recently to buy an uninterruptible power supply (UPS).