Town Hall Scaffolding

Lengthy debate at Tuesday’s SMTC meeting about the scaffolding on the Town Hall.

The repair works, and more particularly the repainting, can only be done when the temperature is above five degrees centigrade and when it’s relatively dry.  Therefore the works won’t be starting until some time in the spring.

The question was: Should the scaffolding come down for the interim and be put up again or simply left in place?  Unfortunately the Town Clerk didn’t know how much this  would cost compared to the cost of leaving it up. (Surely this is basic information that should have been researched before the meeting?)

After lengthy debate, and much eyebrow raising from the members of the public, one of the councillors pointed out that the scaffolding was there for ‘health and safety’ reasons and would therefore have to stay up! End of debate.

The only thing that was decided was ‘that it might be a good idea to strip the old paint off before the spring’ and the architect would be asked about this.