The NHS under Jeremy Hunt

In North Devon we’re up in arms about plans to close community hospital beds. Let’s be thankful that we don’t live in Kent.

The South Kent Coast Clinical Commissioning Group (CCG) has  said that the “finer details” of  contracts for health providers in Calais to provide general surgery, gynaecology, cataract surgery, pain management and orthopaedics were being finalised.

Hazel Carpenter from South Kent CCG, said treatment in France would be an option if a patient wanted it.

People who chose to have treatment in France would apparently pay for their own travel and incidental costs.

How on earth would friends and families visit? What would happen if the ferries went on strike? How will follow up care be provided?

What a totally barmy idea!

Apparently Damian Collins, the Conservative MP for Folkestone and Hythe, has said that it was sensible to use a fantastic hospital that might be less than an hour away from some and more accessible than hospitals in London.

What an absolute plonker! I’m not quite sure how he thinks it could take less than an hour to get from  Kent to a hospital in Calais. The Eurotunnel takes a minimum of 35 minutes from platform to platform with a 30 minute check-in time! The fastest ferries take 90 minutes with a 45 minute check-in time! On top of that has to be added the travel time to the terminals in Dover/Folkestone and from the terminals in Calais to the hospital.

I rather think that the vast majority of people in Kent would say that London is more accessible than Calais! One big advantage is that you don’t need a passport to get to London.