Superfast Broadband?

Is Superfast Broadband coming to Pathfields?

I ask the question because I spotted the following in the Roadworks Alerts I get from Devon County Council:

Access To Pathfields Industrial Estate, Pathfields Industrial Estate, South Molton, Devon
30 January — 12 February 
Delays possible Traffic control (Stop/Go boards)
Works location: (Pcp5) Bduk. Opposite Across Carriageway To Outside Flat Apex House, Access To Pathfields Industrial Estate. 
Works description: Install 2 Of 1 Way Power Duct In Verge,Install 3m Of 1 Way Power Duct In Footway,Install 7m Of 1 Way Power
.  .  .
Works description: Install 2m Of 1 Way Poly Duct In Footway,Provide 1 Cabinet And Base (Nga Cabinets) 

I’ve highlighted the clues above:

  • BDUK – stands for Broadband Delivery UK which is supposedly rolling out superfast broadband in rural areas in the UK, including Devon;
  • Power Duct – unlike ordinary cabinets (those green boxes by the side of the road) fibre cabinets need to have a power supply;
  • NGA – Next Generation Access is the step up from copper i.e. fibre.

If superfast broadband is coming to Pathfields this is very good news for the businesses in Pathfields. Let’s hope it makes it to South Molton proper.