Sheep Pen Car Park

It’s very good news indeed that the old sheep pens behind the Town Arms have (finally) been removed and the area is being converted into a carpark which should be open for business in the next couple of days.

It’s also excellent that the pay point for the current parking spaces has been moved to the Amory Centre end of the carpark where it’s in close proximity to the newly created disabled parking bays. This makes it very much easier for the disabled.

However, the downside is that of the five new disabled bays only three are actually usable. This is because, of the two bays to the east, one is extremely narrow and too close to the wall, it is also obstructed by a large rubbish container. In similar fashion, of the three bays to the west the western most bay is tightly up against the hedge.

Disabled Parking Bays [Website Landscape]

Apparently the hedge will be trimmed back and the rubbish container has now been removed. But the bays do apparently comply with government standards so won’t be changed.