Raising the Roof

Last Saturday my wife and I hosted a Hog Roast to raise funds for the repair of the roof of South Molton parish church.

We couldn’t have been more lucky as Saturday was a lovely, rain free day sandwiched between two awfully wet days – something like 35 millimetres of rain on the Friday and almost 20 millimetres on the Sunday!

The turnout was excellent, with more than 90 people attending and as a result of everyone’s generosity we raised £1,177.05!

Very many thanks to those who came and thanks also to those who couldn’t come but still gave generous donations.  Of course thanks are also due to the committee of the Friends of South Molton Parish Church who helped by selling tickets and providing the desserts. Thanks also to the many others who donated items for the raffle, loaned us tables, chairs and cutlery,  helped ferry everything around and did the clearing up afterwards.  It was very much a team effort

Unfortunately, because of the huge amount of money needed to repair the roof, if we held a hog roast every year and raised the same amount of money it would take 250 years before we reached the target! (Actually, to be pedantic, as the target is £250,000 it would only take us 214 years!). Still, it’s a very good start, and there are lots of other fund raising initiatives waiting in the wings to help the target be achieved.