Plug for a Local Business

I’ve put this video here partly because I wanted to see whether I could, but also because this is the time of year when heating systems start to be used in earnest and I wanted to extol the virtues of local company The Works from North Molton (and Barnstaple).

A couple of years ago Sebastien and Christopher installed our heating and hot water system which are all powered by an air source heat pump which they also installed.

Christopher took this YouTube video of underfloor heating being installed in our new kitchen:

They’re a multi-talented company,  and didn’t just install our heating and air-source heat pump, but also our electrics, and cables for our alarm, telephone, aerials and network.

There’s a very small prize for the first person who can explain why their logo is a frog dressed in a kilt wearing a tam o’shanter. (Sebastien, Christopher and their families are ineligible to enter!)

PS And yes, I do consider North Molton to be local.  After all, North Molton addresses do say North Molton, South Molton, EX36 xxx.