Pavements Yet Again

An update on the pavement story. I asked Devon County Council a couple of questions about these works and have now received a reply:
Q: How much did this work cost?
A: Rogers Garage, East Street £1,767.72, Barclays to Snows, Broad Street £2,043.71,
George Hotel to Museum, Broad Street £3,400.87.
Q: What was the rationale for it?
A: The footways were at safety defect level in that pedestrians were tripping on the uneven surface. Also water was splashing up under the loose slabs.
Q: Why was it timed to coincide with a bank holiday weekend?
A: East Street and Broad Street are not deemed traffic sensitive streets (where DCC can impose restrictions on working times) and as such no restrictions were placed on our contractor in the timing of the works.
So now you know! I think I might ask them a few follow-up questions.