On 12 January North Devon had the second lowest seven day case rate (111.2)  of any local authority in England – beaten by Torridge (90.8).

Devon is in the bottom five so-called Upper Tier Local Authorities (counties and unitary authorities) with a case rate of 205. North Lincolnshire has the lowest case rate of 149.7.

The worst hit local authority is Knowsley in the North West, which has a case rate of 1,273.3! 

Contrast this with Germany: their highest case rate is 601.8. No other German local authority has a case rate higher than 500, and  70 (out of a total of 412)  have a case rate lower than Torridge!! Germany’s lowest case rate, in Zweibrücken, is 32.2.  

Almost a third of England’s local authorities (91 out of 315) have a case rate higher than Germany’s highest case rate.

And people still say that Johnson and his cabinet of incompetents are doing a good job under the circumstances!  To me it’s quite clear that they’re not.