Old Road to Tiverton Closed Again

Many of you will know that the road to Tiverton via Witheridge, is, once more, closed.

I have to say I’m totally underwhelmed by the way in which Devon County Council Highways department handle these, all too frequent, closures.

The first I knew of it was when a sign appeared at the junction of Poltimore Road and Alswear New Road stating boldly “This Road Will be Closed 27/05/15 to 2/6/15”.

The following day the sign changed as follows:

Road Closure Poltimore Road and Alswear New Road Pt 1

I rang the Highways Department to ask where the road was going to be closed  (an issue of interest to me as I live down Alswear New Road). They couldn’t tell me!

Several phone calls later I was eventually told by the contractors (South West Highways) that the road was going to be closed at Meshaw. I told them that it was extremely unhelpful not to be told where exactly the road was going to be closed!

The following day the number of signs increased:

Road Closure Signs Pt 2

At least this time you know you can’t get to Witheridge, but it still doesn’t say where the road is closed. For that information we have to rely on the bus company.

At the bus stop opposite Sainsbury’s Stagecoach posted the following sign:

Bus Company Service Notice

At last! We know where the road will be closed  – or at least pedestrians and bus users will. Car drivers are still left in the dark!