More Superfast Broadband News

BT Openreach are putting in an awful lot of fibre in around South Molton so in the next couple of weeks you’ll see road works along Barnstaple Road, the road between the Bish Mill roundabout and Mole Bridge, along Pathfields, and between Aller Cross and Filleigh.

Another sign that superfast broadband is coming to South Molton is that BT Openreach  will be installing a BT Infinity (i.e. superfast broadband) cabinet near 1 Normandy Way in the next few days. Yet, bizarrely, the Connecting Devon and Somerset website shows the area around Oak Meadow that’s right next to Normandy Way as still being under evaluation!

I just hope that I’ll eventually get it! Mind you, a few weeks ago the Connecting Devon and Somerset website showed my postcode, EX36 4BB, as getting superfast broadband in October 2015. I’ve just looked at the site and the date has slipped to January 2016 so I’m not holding my breath.