First Time

This evening was the first time I’d attended a council meeting as a councillor rather than as a member of the public.

Was I nervous? No.

Why not? Because I’ve been well prepared by spending a large proportion of my working life attending (and chairing) meetings of highly qualified, opinionated, professional people from the international IT industry.

I’ve also attended many council meetings as a member of the public and am therefore familiar with official procedures and know most of the councillors. All of which makes life a great deal easier.

Was I disconcerted? Yes.

Why? The selection of Mayor and deputy Mayor is an annual event which is a legal requirement and one which is hugely important.

The Mayor is both the ‘leader’ of the council and the civic head. The deputy Mayor takes over those functions when the Mayor is indisposed.

David Goodman was an excellent choice for Mayor. He’s a very good chair, has an excellent public persona and also has a great deal of public support!

Much as I like Christine Lock, who’s the newly elected deputy, I don’t feel that she was the best choice for the town.

I’m afraid, but not at all surprised, that I feel the malign influence of party politics.