On Friday and Saturday there was a notice on the bus stops near the Square saying that buses wouldn’t be stopping there. They would be diverted via Station Road and Pathfields because of the Old English Fayre road closure.

Sure enough, when I walked into town on Friday I saw a bus turning right from New Road and going down Station Road.

About an hour later I saw two people waiting for the bus to Barnstaple at the stop in the Square. I pointed out the notice to them and suggested that they catch the bus in New Road.

Imagine my embarrassment when five minutes later the bus sailed past on its usual route.

If the bus company post notices saying that the stop is closed and the bus will be diverted, they should stick to what they say.  Otherwise people just get totally confused and don’t know where they should catch the bus.

The other issue is that if notices are posted they should be posted where they can actually be read, rather than above head height.

The notice is that white bit of paper taped to the pole.

Bus Stop Closure Notice