Residents’ Concerns

Whilst walking about South Molton delivering my flyers before the by-election last year, and more recently whilst walking my dog ,  I’ve been speaking to a lot of people and I’ve summarised their concerns here (in nor particular order).

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  1. The scale of the proposed new developments to the west of the town. A large number of people told me that they felt that South Molton was being over developed and wondered why the town council had done nothing to limit this development.
  2. The numbers of large lorries driving through South Molton. There was concern that there were too many large lorries being driven through the centre of South Molton and that this was having an adverse impact on the roads, and, to use planners jargon, the ‘amenity’ of residents.
  3. The state of the central car park.
  4. The location of the lorry park.
  5. The speed of traffic through the centre of town. People told me that vehicles were being driven far too fast through the town centre, particularly at night and in the early morning. Quite apart from being hazardous, it also creates a lot of noise, and particular offenders seem to be large vehicles.
  6. The lack of concern Devon County Council appears to have for residents. This covers  many issues, but virtually all are centred around the highways department. For example, lack of double yellow lines at the entrances to Gunswell Lane and West End Terrace. No ‘No Through Road’ sign at the entrance to West End Terrace. Nadder Meadow being called Nadders Meadow and signed as a no-through road.
  7. Inconsistent parking arrangements. Parking allowed where it shouldn’t be allowed and parked not allowed where it could be. In other words the single and double yellow lines are a complete mess.
  8. Drains not being cleared.
  9. Not enough of the pavements being cleared of snow and ice in the winter.
  10. The number of people who told me (without prompting, I hasten to add) that party politics had absolutely no place at the local level was quite staggering.
  11. The threat of the beds in South Molton Community Hospital being closed.
  12. The inadequate social care being delivered by Devon County Council.
  13. The collection of the rubbish on Thursdays raised a few hackles. Why are they collected on what is probably the busiest day of the week for traffic in the town? Wheelie bins obstructing the pavements mean that some residents reliant on mobility scooters are unable to visit the market on Thursdays.


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