Mayor White’s Legacy

This  afternoon  I walked down to Pathfields along Parsonage Lane and through the Community Woodlands. On the way I spotted this sign:

Mayor White's Legacy

It is on the fencing at the end of Parsonage Lane overlooking the new Gullacombe development, where there used to be a lovely hedge. I think one of the local residents isn’t particularly impressed with the destruction of the landscape. UPDATE: The “Mayor White’s Legacy” sign has now been removed. I wonder who by?

On the way back, less than an hour later, I noticed that another couple of yards of hedge had been grubbed up not far from The Rec. Apparently the opening is so lorries can deliver the hardcore to make the paths in the new part of the Community Woodland. But was it really necessary to grub up so much hedge to make an access point?

Hedge Removal