Advertising South Molton

Driving along the Link Road on Sunday evening (24 August), heading back to South Molton from the M5, I saw a superb advertisement for the town. Just before the Bampton turnoff, on a bridge over the road, there is this sign:

South Molton Ad [Website]

It looks much better from the Link Road itself, but it was easier (and safer) to take a picture from the bridge it sits on.

Very well done to whoever put it there – a fantastic initiative!

Yet who is to be thanked for putting it up? The Town Council, South Molton Business Association (SMBA), the Town Team or some other organisation? I’d love to know, so that they can be given the credit that is due to them. I’d also like to tell them that their trailer has a flat tyre, so might be difficult to move!

South Molton Ad Flat Tyre [Website]