Carnival Time!

Probably the biggest and best South Molton carnival for many years. These events don’t just ‘happen’, they take a phenomenal amount of organisation and preparation. Thanks and congratulations to the South Molton Rotary Club for organising it and special thanks to the very many people who took part. Without you there would be no carnival!

Mayor and SM Rotary President Small

The Mayor (Cllr Stephen Lock) at the head of the procession being driven by the President of South Molton Rotary.

How Groceries used to be delivered small

How groceries used to be delivered before the days of Ocado, Sainsbury and Tesco.

Old Style Tractor Small

An old style tractor.

Slightly More Modern Tractor Small

A slightly more modern tractor. Doubtless a reader of Tractor Magazine could tell us the exact vintage and the model. I suspect all the modern behemoths with GPS, stereos and air-conditioning were out working.

Way's Lorries Small

Mervyn Way’s show of power – Scanias, Volvos and Mercs in convoy up New Street. The whole fleet could probably encircle the town centre and cattle market like a modern day equivalent of the wild west waggon trains. Apparently there were 21 of Mervyn’s vehicles there, with 19 drivers plus Mervyn and his son. The vehicles positively gleamed, and I’m sure the tyres had been painted black. A stunning display!