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South Molton Facts and Figures

In March 2011 South Molton had a population of 4,875, almost 25% of whom were older than 65. But more than a third were younger than 30. So, contrary to popular opinion, there are more young people than old people in South Molton

In March 2002 there were 1,896 houses and flats in South Molton. By March 2011 this figure had increased by more than 20% to 2,308. Over the same period the number of houses and flats in the area covered by North Devon District Council increased by just over 7%.

In the South West as a whole just over 80% of residents have a passport. In South Molton 70% have one.

In 2008 South Molton’s median* household income was £25,200. The median household income for North Devon as a whole was £26,000 and £26,800 for Devon.

Barnstaple, Ilfracombe, Landkey and Swimbridge (along with other areas of North Devon) already have superfast broadband. South Molton isn’t likely to get it until the end of 2016!

* Median is the value that occurs in the middle of a sample. In a sample of nine values the median would be the fifth value – four values below the middle and four values above.

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