South Molton Developments

I’ve put together a map showing all the major developments in South Molton that are either going through the planning application process or have been passed.

I’ve overlaid this on a map taken from the North Devon District Council (NDDC)  Local Plan  which shows how development land in South Molton has been allocated.

I’ve put in a purple line which shows how the dividing line between the  proposed catchment areas of the two new primary schools will pass through the middle of South Molton.

South Molton Developments Version 6

There have since been further changes proposed to the amount of employment land (decreased – of course!) and land for housing (increased):

South Molton Developments Version 7

Those of you who follow such things will notice that since the first draft of the Local Plan in 2013, the amount of employment land allocated  to South Molton has been drastically reduced, whilst the amount of land allocated for housing has been dramatically increased.

South Molton 2013 Local Plan
South Molton 2013 Local Plan

The changes from the 2006 Local Plan are enormous:

South Molton 2006 Local Plan
South Molton 2006 Local Plan

You will note that some of the 2006 developments have actually come to pass but an awful lot haven’t.

For example the 2006 Local Plan states “the intention is to relocate the Cattle Market to Pathfields in accordance with Policy TRA3A. Additionally, it is also proposed to relocate the existing lorry park and M Ways premises to Pathfields during the Plan period”.

The Cattle Market is still in the town centre and nothing has been done about moving, or maintaining the lorry park.

If you look at the 2006 map very carefully you will see that virtually the whole of the Mill-on-the-Mole “caravan park” is located in an area deemed to be at risk of flooding.




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