Allotment Car Parking

The Town Council submitted a planning application for new allotments along with car parking for 45 cars which was to be sited at the end of Parsonage Lane (Gas Lane).

The allotments are an excellent idea, as is the community woodland. However more than 45 parking spaces at the end of what is a very narrow lane is a very bad idea. Particularly as the lane is widely used by very many local residents to walk their dogs and gain access to both the Rec and the Community Woodlands.

I objected to the application and made representations against it when it was heard by the District Council’s planning committee. Although the application was approved, conditions were imposed and the number of car parking spaces was reduced dramatically to only sixteen. Until a number of conditions have been met only six places will be allowed.

This is meant to be an amenity in which people can exercise and enjoy the countryside and fresh air, it should not be spoiled by the fumes, noise and nuisance of motor vehicles.

The Truly Independent Councillor

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