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About Marc Cornelius

I married Alison Verney (who was born and brought up in South Molton) almost thirty years ago and my father-in-law practised law here for the whole of his working life. We now live in the house where my wife was born and don’t intend moving! So my connection with, and interest in, South Molton is substantial and reaches back three decades.

I’ve retired from BT, where I spent over a third of a century working in their international section. Luckily at BT, because of modern technology (e.g. broadband, e-mail and the mobile phone), I was largely able to work from home, although I needed to travel overseas extensively.

I started my professional life in Post Office International Telegrams and ended up being BT’s representative on a number of international bodies. The focus of my work was on new technologies (such as 4G and voice over the internet) and how they could be made to work internationally.

In between I carried out a number of different roles, including a stint working in Hawaii on secondment from BT to the Pacific Telecommunications Council; strategy; market research, managing a budget of over £1 million; detecting and combatting fraud; and supporting the management of BT’s international wholesale voice business (which had a turnover in excess of £500 million).

My experience means I’m used to managing large budgets. I have also controlled projects involving different companies across different continents, working with people from a variety of backgrounds.

Apart from telecommunications, I’m particularly interested in planning, education and health services. I’m also concerned with preserving the attractive and historic nature of our town.

I have a BSc, a Diploma in Management and an MBA (Masters in Business Administration).

The Truly Independent Councillor

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